Dog Walking – Harpenden, Wheathampstead and Kimpton

My Dog walking service can help towards obedience and a longer happy life for your dog. As all owners know a healthy dog brings peace of mind. Mixing exercise, interaction and obedience skills to help fulfill and benefit your dog.  And it gives you piece of mind knowing your dog is being both mentally and physically exercised, at times when you simply can’t do it.

Nissan Interstar LWB A/C

Nissan Interstar LWB A/C

I have use of a totally private wood on a local country estate, this wood has never been used for dumping any rubbish so is kind on their feet and very safe for them to play in. I also organise countryside dog walks and on occasions take the dogs to Sherrards Park Woods in Welwyn Garden, Wheathampstead Woods, Symonds Hyde Woods, Nomansland Common, Harpenden Common, Rothampstead Park or a park local close to where your dog may live (this depends on the size of the group, nature and training). I will pick up your dog from home at a time that’s convenient for you and are returned happy and dry in a secure place designated by you. Dogs will be walked for at least 1 hour and out of the house for at least 90 minutes (could be several hours, weather permitting)

Aluminium crates

Aluminium crates

My company vehicle is a high top long wheelbase air conditioned Nissan van which is fitted with individual floor to ceiling ‘aircraft grade’ aluminium crates as used by the police and MOD, these individual crates are extremely well ventilated and have escape doors at the rear. Each crate is super strong with soft walls, rubber matting and each has a large non metal, non spill water bowl. My vehicle is equipped with a full medical kit, fire extinguisher and covered for vehicle breakdown. In the case of breakdown or if a repair is needed, I also have a spare vehicle so that I never let my customers down.

Your dog will be walked in a group of dogs of all shapes breeds and sizes where they will socialise and play amongst the natural environment of ferns and trees. We also play pro -active games and for rewards your dog will be given naturally healthy hypo-allergenic dog treats. During the hot weather they will be taken to the lakes to go swimming. None of the dogs will be left unattended in the van unless in an emergency. I will provide photography and video on occasions for the owners to view. The vast majority of my dogs are neutered or spade, exceptions to this are only made if the dog is young or is intended for breeding. I will not put any dog in danger so if your dog is at all aggressive or snappy then they will wear a muzzle until I have assessed their behaviour with the pack structure.

Now with crates of even the biggest dogs – Great Danes, no problem.

New eXtra large crates

Made for the biggest Dog

TakeMyLead guarantees that your dog will return home, happy and tired after an excellent workout

  • Clean them up if wet or muddy by towel drying them before entering them back into your home
  • Make sure they have enough water and food
  • Security check before leaving



£12 Single Dog            £7 Second Dog from same household

If I don’t cover your area I probably can help to find suitable cover.

NEW! Dog Taxi Service

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